Family Reunion Fun in Coffs Harbour

Demand for Family Reunions is on the increase as more families like to make time out for quality time together. We have been fortunate to host several reunions over the years and we have seen families grow in size and watched young children grow into young adults. It is a pleasure to be a part of this special gathering of people. Korora Bay Village Resort is fantastic for reunion groups as the property is small and compact with a mix of upstairs and downstairs apartments to suit small children and nan & pop. The BBQ area which includes a pizza oven is the perfect place to arrange an easy BBQ meal to feed the whole family group and the games room and pool area isFamily Reunion popular for the kids. Tennis competitions have often been a highlight as families thrash it out for the honour of claiming the best tennis player in the group. We are excited about welcoming a group in the next few weeks who have booked the entire resort at a special price and welcome enquiries from other groups including sports groups.

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